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Digital Marketing for School

Your school’s website design isn’t the only thing that’ll help keep your admissions funnel full. You attract prospective students by executing a complete digital marketing strategy specifically made for educational institutions. See below to discover how we can help you promote your school.


Differentiating your school based on curriculum, facilities or language isn’t enough to sway a family one way or another today. With a myriad of options, how do you stand out?

Define who you are?

Sometimes the internal perception is not the public perception. How is your school viewed in the local and international marketplace? What is the impression of your faculty and culture? In what ways do children thrive in your care? What does your logo and online presence say to the world?

Team IMPACT partners an Investor Relations Professional with a Brand Expert to perform perception audits for schools. We survey the internal, external regional and international audiences to establish what the school stands for and what is perceived, finding the inconsistencies.

We work with stakeholders to clearly articulate how the school can differentiate moving forward, key messages to use in admissions collateral, the website and other communications.


Word of mouth used to be simple. A corporation was sending a family to a foreign country and provided a list of recommended schools or the name of a relocation specialist who provided the list of recommended schools. The list was small and required two or three phone calls to make a decision.

Some of the old process still happens, but the list of schools continues to grow and today 57% of the decision is made from online research before the family makes an inquiry.

We specialize in helping schools reach their target audience with customized messaging to represent the school’s unique culture and product offer. Your next student could be down the street or on the other side of the planet. Make sure they find you.


Admissions magic happens with a personal, human interaction. Education decisions are emotional, especially when you throw in the transition of relocation into the mix. So how do you utilize digital media to increase applications? You can’t SELL parents on a web page and expect results.

The key to increasing applications from online activity is to attractparents and students to your website through marketing and advertising campaigns. We ensure that your school shows up in the list of schools while families are exploring their options.

The admissions funnel involves demonstrating the culture and values of the school through your website and social media channels and then compelling the viewer to become a qualified admissions lead. Our completely Inbound Certified and Google Certified team can walk you through the process and have demonstrated success in increasing admissions applications.

Your School Must have unique quality, your strategy  must also be unique.
We Guarantee our clients and will work very efficiently for them.
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