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PCB Layout and Schematic Services

Our PCB Layout Specialists are available to help you stretch your resource dollars and speed your PCB prototyping cycle.

Just submit some basic design information, or minor changes to your existing files, and we’ll get you a quote for the work. Let us do the board layout, and we’ll even place your board order for you. That’s right, you send us the schematic, board outline, & BOM (with component datasheets), we will send you the finished design file and finished bare boards. The boards come with the source design file, so you and your staff can pick up from where we left off, make any necessary adjustments, and reorder, as needed.

SalveSoft PCB Layout Services Include:

Providing expertise for the physical layout of your completed schematic design. Working from a CAD tool design file, or a netlist is strongly preferred.
Performing the physical layout of your design in PCB123®, our free-to-use, fully-functional PCB design tool.
During manufacture, you can add any of our services or capabilities (electrical test, assembly via Screaming Circuits, etc.).
Delivering to you the design file along with your finished PC boards.
Please Note: This service DOES NOT INCLUDE developing schematics for your design or specifying parts for your Bill of Materials. The schematic design and parts specification portions of the design process rely upon a deep understanding of the design constraints for the PCB prototype project

Schematic Minimum required is a schematic design or a netlist file:

Schematic design file in one of the following formats:

PCB123 (preferred)
OrCAD Schematic
Netlist file (In Protel or Tango format)
The schematic needs to be complete, and verified by the customer, prior to PCB design start.
If you supply a netlist, the schematic and the netlist must agree.
Bill Of Materials
We require that you specify each individual part for your design. We don’t know your tolerances and application parameters as well as you do.
Specific footprint information for each component is also required. Many components come in a choice of footprints. A complete datasheet or an existing SnapEDA part number for each component is the most effective method to deliver this requirement.

Board Outline

You can draw the board outline with PCB123, and share that with us directly (Recommended).
You can supply IDF file from Mechanical CAD tool; we can import that data into PCB123. (Some CAD tool IDF files may not be able to be imported)

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